Video walls, curved displays, multiple projectors, special effects, UV mapping on scenic elements. Providing an accurate special venue projection / display system is an end-to-end process, and it all comes together when you turn on the switch. It’s not  guesswork, it’s a known quantity.

The display system might be at the end of the signal path, but an accurate and informed projection/display design must be at the heart of every successful project. Before you can build a mock-up or begin real creative work, you need to know what you are dealing with. Starting in the preliminary design phase and moving forward, AME can help you insure feasibility and work within budgets by providing professional, accurate designs, drawings and formats.  Our projection design and display engineering is a framework to hang a successful project on.

“When developing unique theatrical and/or media experiences, AME's imagination, expertise and broad knowledge of integrated delivery systems has been invaluable in conceiving projects we know we can deliver on. They have provided early design input to complete engineering, budgeting along the way, and helping us choose the best solutions to achieve our vision. Their infectious passion for a project well done has elevated the enthusiasm of our team, clients and suppliers. They are a tremendous resource, and I recommend them highly”.

- Nancy Seruto, Owner, Seruto & Company