Cruise Ship Theme Park Entertainment Technologies

Yes, Virginia, some theme parks float.

AME is currently working with a “very large entertainment conglomerate” for the production of entertainment technologies for their next next-generation passenger cruise ships.

Having been branded the “technology generalists” for the project, AME’s responsibilities have focused primarily on the multi-varied and unusual large-scale display applications and solutions.

We have been working with the project’s design team and video-mapping provider VYV in Montreal to provide detailed modeling and integration of innumerable mapping projectors in use in the projects large-scale performance venue.

We’ve also been tasked with providing the detailed engineering for two, fully DCI-compliant, 3D-enabled, 4K, Dolby ATMOS-enabled digital cinemas. In this case, the solutions are sort of like threading light through a needle, embedding very large digital cinema projectors into steelwork, architectural facades and all the while meeting every parameter that will allow these spaces to meet the requirements of the Digital Cinema Initiative. Working with the design team, architects and motion-picture studio representatives, we’ve come up with solutions enabling these luxury cinemas to be realized.