Nature Morte Still Life

Client: Bruce Nauman
Venue: Sperone Westwater Gallery
Project Link:
Features: Interactive Projection Design, 4K Projection, Custom Software Development, Playout Engineering and Supply

Working with Mr. Nauman, his long standing studio assistants Bruce Hamilton and Susanna Carlisle and studio manager Juliet Myers, we worked through the process of realizing the representation of the artist’s studio in a high resolution texture-mapped 3D model. Mr. Nauman performed the scanning process using an Eva structured-light scanner, the resultant geometry and UV templates subsequently massaged and concatenated into a very painterly, fully texture-mapped, high resolution model of the artist’s studio. AME then went to work refining the modeling and developing a custom solution for “steering” the large-scale 4K projected render of the model on a high-performance GPU. We developed a custom iOS application running wirelessly on an iPad that acts as the system controller, “UI” or user interface. Projection and network design completed the delivery of the works which have been assembled in a fully integrated system, engineered for easy shipping, installation and display.