Video compression is the algorithmic data reduction of digital video elements, specifically final presentation video, using such codecs as MPEG-2, h.264, JPEG-2000. The parameters of these codecs are matched to the requirements of the many play-out devices from various manufacturers. End-to-end testing is performed to ensure optically transparent encoding.

Media finishing is the editorial modification of show video for play-out or the detailed manipulation of digital video assets for final application or use. Included in this in everything from adding an unexpected fade-to-black or reformatting a presentation for an different display configuration, all the way to open captioning, language translation and major editorial fixes. Another way of thinking of this is “technical editing” as opposed to creative. We’re here to help!

Asset management is organizing and tracking content, rights and other media attributes, while anticipating format conflicts and actively resolving them. The management of technical traffic between disciplines such as motion graphics, visual effects, videography, editorial, compositing and sound design, as well as A/V systems design and engineering.

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- Gary Fitch, Project Coordinator, Electrosonic, Inc.