Retail Facilities Design

Features: Projection Engineering, Display Systems Engineering, Special Projects

When the world’s most profitable manufcaturer of digital devices and software embarked on the re-imagining and world-wide rollout of their new and remodeled retail facilities, AME, working with LOC Associates, were called upon to help with a number of key developmental projects.

Among these, AME helped with the detailed engineering for the very-high-resolution emissive LED displays to be implemented in all of the retail giant’s new flagship properties.

We provided design and development for an unusual high-resolution rear-projection solution on glass to be implemented in facilities without the real-estate to accommodate the large LED-based displays.

We worked on wireless video applications, large scale outdoor projection, ultra-compact high-resolution portable projection and audio. And, as is always the case with this manufacturer, every aspect of each project’s aesthetics and design was scrutinized to meet with their high standards of product design and construction.